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Smokey Smith

Iowa's "Mr. Country Music"

The Book; No Longer Available 

Written by: Terry Manley

ISBN 978-0-615-36255-7

Library of Congress 2010905632

A perfect bound, soft cover book of 320 pages

Comments from over 30 entertainers

Over 300 historical photos - the vast majority are from  Smokey's personal collection.

“An informative, entertaining story of the golden age of country music and a life filled with family, friends, fame and misfortune that unfolds like a classic country music song.”        

–Michael Swanger, The Iowa History Journal


 "The pictures alone are worth the price of the book."             

  – Don Hosier, Country Music Fan

 "Chapter Eight alone, in my opinion,  is the first time the story has been properly told of how  the Country Music Disc Jockey  Association evolved into what is now known as the Country Music  Association"                                                   

 - Tom Perryman, KKUS Radio, Tyler, Texas

 “Terry Manley does us a double favor  in his wonderful book. He tells the story of Smokey Smith, one of the most interesting  and gifted people I've been privileged to know.   And he takes us back to a time that was so important to us all . . . whether you remember   those days or not, you will feel them in your heart and be touched by the unforgettable personalities  of Smokey Smith, his family and friends."                                                                         

– Jo Walker Meador,                                           

Secretary of the Country Music Association,          

1958 – 1961;  Executive Director, 1962 - 1991


"Every page, every photo is country music history   as it actually happened . . .  there's no other book  like this that's ever been written."                                                                          

–  Ratt Reno, KXRB Radio (retired) Sioux Falls,SD

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December 03, 2010